Vimble C – Best Vimble C Review & Unboxing

July 4, 2017 5:57 am

Get Yours HERE: Vimble C is the Altnerative solution to the traditional DJI Gimble Stick.

Vimble C – Best Feiyu Vimble C Review & Unboxing

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Vimble C is an affordable gimbal for Action Cameras and Smartphones (easy to switch). A gimbal is necessary to take photos with high quality outdoors, for a professional photographer. Let me introduce this latest Feiyu Tech Vimble C gimbal, which is quite useful and powerful, of course, compared with other gimbals, it has its own advantages.

Vimble C Features and Specifications:

– Vimble C holds a built-in 2200 mAh battery which allows 5 hours of working time. A micro USB port at the side of the grip supports supports power input via power bank. That way you can extend operational time.
– Pan / Tilt / Roll – Angle
– The gimbal allows 320° rotation on all 3 axes.
– The control panel provides a flat joystick to control the head. The power button sits below.
– You can use Vimble C to stabilize your phone horizontally or vertically – in portrait or landscape mode. The gimbal will balance itself upon power up.
– You can mount Feiyu Vimble C on a tripod as a 1/4″ standard photo thread is integrated at the bottom.
and many many more…

Special Feature:
When using Vimble C ON App (for iOS & Android) on your Smartphone you can enable Face Tracking. Select mark your face on your screen, which will be tracked during a movement and the gimbal’s head will follow automatically.

The Vimble C is built with advanced ergonomic philosophy to ensure extreme comfort and convenience of gripping and using. A curve from bottom to top fits perfectly with palms, and thus, It’s sheer entertainment to grip the Vimble C in hand.
Equipped with FeiyuTech’s latest brushless motors. While ensuring high working precision, it reduces its weight drastically. With the evolving G-series algorithm, the Vimble c provides impressive stabilization performance along with the brave design.

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