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go here: to watch DealCount Review, And get Han’s Other Awesome DealCount Reviews! Also, make sure you check out for DealCount Review with Awesome DealCount Bonuses! Easily Increase Sales & Conversions With DealCount, The Brand New REAL-TIME Scarcity App With Live Audio Updates, Countdowns, Notifications And More! No more manual updates, time consuming “how many copies left” edits, no more support tickets asking if an offer is still open – Deal Count handles it for you. With DealCount, you’ll be viewed as a marketer or an affiliate that actually keeps their word when it comes to limiting copies at a certain price or to be sold out completely! First thing, DealCount is LOADED with beautiful templates. Plus, it will get adding more all the time!

DealCount updates the amount of units remaining with real time live text as well as an audio update when a sale happens. Plus it counts down the number of units available with no need for interaction on your part! Using Deal Count You can have any overlay displayed over any site, even sites you don’t own! DealCount puts the power of customization in your hands with total custom design from size, colours, text and backgrounds doing it so is easy as just pointing and clicking with your mouse! DealCount have the option to have custom Sound Notifications on page load as well as when items are being sold. With DealCount You’ll also be able to set Custom Speech Notification which plays customized text with dynamic data! Your friend Han Fan The Internet Man in this Video gives you an honest DealCount Review and tells you just why you must get your exclusive copy now!

DealCount Review And Key Features:

– Pre Loaded With Beautiful Templates Plus Get Adding More All The Time!
– Updates Sales & Scarcity In Real Time – Live Text As Well As An Audio Update When A Sale Happens!
– Sound Notifications – Groundbreaking New Feature & No More Generic Audio Messages – Deal Count Lets You Get Specific!

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