Just Do It! Get Your First Client This Week!

August 3, 2019 7:33 am

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Hey Whats-up YouTubers and my IM Friends? And if you are watching this I am going to give myself a really-really cool challenge today. I am using my Canon 70D combined with my iPhone and my SnapChat Glasses, so I can tell a very cool story.

♥ Now, a lot of my IM Friends, if you are into Local Marketing, and you are struggling to talk to Business Owners then I am going to use this video to show you it’s not that hard to go out to a business owner and talk and connect with them, making friends with them and then you can talk about. Because the conversation will naturally lead to what you do. And all I have to say is you do your marketing and they ask then, hey who are you? Do you want more leads? Do you want more customers to come to your business?

So, today we are going to visit one of my favorite Japanese Restaurant in town, and it’s called “Tachibana”. And I want to document this, so you guys can see how easy it is to get into the conversation started and later on you have a potential to sell service to them, such as, such as website design, once the website is built they need traffic, so need SEO and also they need Facebook traffic and all that great stuff… and… let’s go do this:


So the first thing that you do when you Walk-In is that you greet everybody. Make sure everybody likes you including all the Waiters and Waitresses and people.

Tip No. #1 – When you are going for business, especially a restaurant, then you have to figure out the perfect time to go in and I purposely came very late today because that’s when is closing, that’s one everything is set out, so the business owner has the time to maybe start the conversation with you. And if you come into their busiest time when they are having a lot of business to deal with, they will not have a single time to talk with you. So, you want to be there at the Right Time and Right position.

Tip No. #2 – You have to be super friendly, have shared some jokes with the people there whether it’s waiters, waitresses, cooks or even the customers surrounding you. You want to do that so that people know you, especially know you by name.

Also, I want to talk to you about Mistake No. #1 when trying to serve local business and that is, I think most people do hurry to sell and that’s terrible and rude with business owner, because they don’t know who you are, they don’t know what you can do for them. So, you have to be very smart about that. For doing selling you have to build Trust first. When you build trust and like a factor for somebody can want to talk to you about what you can do for them. So, you have to be really careful about that. So, the first thing you need to do is not mention any of your work, because that conversation will naturally lead to what you do. People are going to be fascinated by what you do. So you do not have to worry about when the conversation is up. So, what I usually do is make sure that I am Very Polite and start random conversations with people sitting right next to me or people around to just to make sure that when you talk to them they get that happy and trust like feeling. And that’s very important.

Tip No. #3 – Try to look around and figure out a few things related to their business like their busiest hours and how many hits, look at the price menus like how much they charge, and do the math so as to figure out does this business is already generating enough customers. And with your skills like Facebook Marketing or Video Marketing how many you can add. So, all these things should be going on around in your mind so by the time you actually talk to the business owner and ask that do you have the capacity to handle more customers. This is where you need to pay more attention. So you know your numbers, you know the potential and you don’t want to waste your time.

★ So these are the great Tips and I’ll show you how easy it is to get started. So, basically, don’t hurry to sale and make friends first. If you are going to do the business you need to be there, they need to know who you are? Especially what you do? It might take a day, it might take a second visit, it might take a third visit to get there. But, Don’t Hurry To Sale. Because if you hurry to sell, people mentally put up, a kind of defensive board. So, if you demonstrate them the expertise you have in the beginning, then they will come to you.

★ So, got through the video till the end and watch me how I get there, figured out the perfect timing as I mentioned before, Invite the owner so he has a couple of minutes to spare with you and get into a conversation with the Restaurant owner. I specifically talked about the story behind the restaurant, about USP i.e. Unique Selling Points, I asked him three different reasons why people should come to the restaurant. So there will be a perfect material or testimonial to add to his website and also the social media. And also by inviting the owner to do this, build that really-really close relationship, build trust and so when the time comes when he needs some kind of monitoring help, I would be the guy he will come and talk to. So, you should model after me, do similar things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a video sort of thing. I just did it to show you this is how easy you can get people to talk and build a relationship to do your marketing.

So to summarize the things up:
No. #1 – Just don’t overthink, Just Do It! Get Your First Client This Week!
No. #2 – You should be like any Digital Marketer. You need to find your own Unique Way to tap in. It depends on your personality, depends on what you want, and your ability to do.

Han Fan

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