Interview #1211: Exclusive Interview With Jeff Mills

I had the pleasure to finally sit down with Jeff Mills, $25 Million Rain Maker, and he is absolute knowledge database when it comes to online marketing.

Pay Attention to these Highlights, While You Are Watching:

– The 3 Major Mistakes Marketers Make Online – And How to Avoid Them

– The “F.O.O.T.” Strategy for Dealing With Distractions (This One Tip Will Destroy Shiny Object Syndrome In Seconds)

– How to Uncover The ONE Thing That Will Take You to The Top

– The Little-Known “Business Education Loan” That Increases Your Leverage Exponentially

– The Biggest Growth Area Online in 2019 & Beyond (And Why It Will Never Get Saturated)

I know you will have fun watching the Interview and learn from us.

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