3 Quick Instagram Marketing Secrets You Must Implement Right the Way!

3 Quick Instagram Marketing Secrets You Must Implement Right the Way:

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Most of us and our local client has at least one Instagram profile. Most people are not doing right to with their Instagram profiles. Here are the THREE things you can do, instantly give your client’s a powerful facelift and get more traffic and sales to their sites. Excited…!!!?

Let’s Get Rid of The Big Elephant in the ROOM:

Can You Make Money Off Instagram?


#1 Sponsors: Once you show off your fan base, and photography Skills, Company Will Approach you. This a message I have received: $150 per picture, they need 5 of them. 🙂

#2. Local Marketing / Social Media Agency: Help Local Business Grow and Manage their Instagram Account. It will lead to other services such as SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing, the potential is limitless.

#3. Affiliate Marketing / Ecom Marketing: Use it to sell your own products and other affiliate promotions. Here is HINT, use TIKTOK Traffic to build up your active followers on Instagram.

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▶ So, Let’s Get it started:
Instagram Marketing Secret No. 1 – Instagram only gives you one BIO link. You can easily turn the one bio LINK into multiple links and videos with newest product TubeLink:


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Instagram Marketing Secrets No. 2 – To leveraging the picture you have for posting. Instead, you post like 90% Instagram post we can use pattern interrupt by posting it this way:

Old Way:

New Way:

Results: As you can see now one user likes multiple images at once. Instead, just heart one image, they are heart all of the images 🙂  the More likes you can generate the more your pictures going to the main page.

▶ How do you make post like this?

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Instagram Marketing Secret No. 3 –  having a posting schedule, regular and consist posting using the right hashtags really help you boost up your Instagram ranks.

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3 Quick Instagram Marketing Secrets You Must Implement Right the Way!

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