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Han Fan The Internet Man is a Speaker, Super Affiliate, Multi-Million Dollar Product Launcher, Local Business Marketing Expert, LinkedIn Leads Generation Consultant and Internet Marketing Strategist for both Online and Offline clients. Han, who is currently, based in Lexington, KY – the home of Wild Cats, world-famous thoroughbred Horses, and Tobaccos.
When He has arrived in the United States, he didn’t know anyone, didn’t have a dime to his name, and didn’t speak a word of English. Before we look at what he has accomplished against all the odds, it is important that we mention some of his contribution to the Internet Marketing World.

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Han Speaking
Han Speaking
Han Speaking

What Products Has He Created and help Launched Made Huge Impact in the Internet Marketing World?

Here are just a few award-winning products Han and his partner has created and launched in the past: Mapify360, VoiceRank360, XRanker360, Sociible, Visual Voice Pro 2.0, LocalProfits360, AgencyProfits, Pixo Blaster, and too many to mention.

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Why Should You Listen to His Advice and Product Recommendations?

Video Speaks Thousands Word, Watch testimonials below:

What does it take to be successful at Internet Marketing Business and Local Business?

The short answer: Leveraging – One Must master, OPM (Other people’s money), OPT (Other people’s time), OTK (Other people’s knowledge), OPN (Other People Network)

OPM – the number one reason, most start-ups fail is because lacking of funds. Not able to scale up fast enough to beat the competition.

OPT – The number one mistake after you see your first profit is still doing everything yourself. To grow and expand your company and brand fast, you must learn to lead a team. A team of people will free you up to do more of the money-making activities.  Remember: Time is Your Number One Asset.

OPK – The number one mistake I see most people fail in IM or any business is trying to learn everything yourself.  You try to wear too many hats and try to become Experts in several fields in your journey. The BEST way is to find The RIGHT Person to partner up on the projects. Make it into Win and Win and Win situation.

OPN – The number one mistake I see most people make is not taking the time to network. Go Out and meet other marketers in live events and also network outside the niche.  Who am I connecting with? Scroll down the page to see few pictures and check with whom I am connected. Remember: Your Network measures Your Net Worth.

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Can You Tell Me More About Your All-Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Million Dollar Generation Service?

If you or your client is running a high ticket business that makes greater than $20,000+ per sale then my partner Ryan Brown and I have a great service to help you to generate target leads through LinkedIn.

How May I Help You?

if You have any additional questions, or need any help, feel FREE to contact with My Help DESK HERE!

Han's Network

Han With Michael Beckwith

Han With Michael Beckwith

Han With Phu Styles

Han With Phu Styles

Han with Ryan Brown

Han with ryan brown

Han With Freda Pinto

Han With Freda Pinto

Han with Miss Kentucky - Jordan Weiter

Han with Brock Pierce [BitCoin Billionaire]

Han with NYC #1 book seller Neil Strauss

Han with Arthur Samual Joseph

Han With Arthur samual Joseph

Han With Robert Mercado

Han With Robert Mercado

Receiving Best Speaker Award

Speaking at Women Entrepreneur Club

Han at Red Carpet Women Independent Film

Han at Hollywood

Meet HydroCut Girls at OK Magazine Party

Han Party at OK Magazine Private Party

Han Fan With Arthur Samuel Joseph & Franco Carlotto

Han at LA Confidential Magazine Party

Han at LA Confidential Magazine Party

Han Fan With E Brian Rose

Han Fan With Adrian & Cristian

Han With Adrian & Cristian

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Han With Cindy

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Han With Vlad And Cristian

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Han With Ivana Bonsjnak

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Han With Cory

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Han With Adrian

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